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Soul Navigation is Your All-In-One Soul Map, Life GPS & Unlimited Back-Pocket Guidance Centre!

+ The Entire Plug IN & Power UP Library (over 100+ live stream videos)!!!


  • Navigate your life with total ease, freedom & joy!
  • It’s like having a healer, spiritual guide, soul mentor in your back-pocket, on speed-dial, with unlimited access to Soulful Guidance, Clarity & Higher Wisdom Teachings & Tools!
  • Unlimited access to videos, audio classes, meditations, life-transforming tools & practices to help you elevate, expand, heal & align your life!
  • New content is added every month, based on what’s happening in the world & what’s intuitively guided to best support you.
  • Some videos are candid, live-streamed, on-the-go (sometimes the best insights come when we’re on a walk….we want to capture them right then & there!), while others may be studio quality.
  • All Soul-Support pieces are rich in authentic content & expression, with the intention to provide insights & tools for your continuous soul’s evolution & expression!

We have 2 Membership Levels for You!

We know that everyone’s needs are different & unique!

Soul Navigation 6.0


What’s included?

+ Unlimited access to all content!

+ Over 100+ classes, meditations, practices, guidance, videos & audios (under 30 & over 30 minutes)!

+ New Soul Navigation Exclusive Content uploaded regularly!

+ Stream when it fits your needs!

+ Commercial & ad free streaming!

+ The entire Plug IN & Power UP Live Streaming Library (over 100 content-rich videos)!

+ You Choose what you want & need support with in 6 Key Areas:

  • Relationships
  • Money-Miracles-Manifestation
  • Health & Well-being
  • Soulful Parenting
  • Mind Mastery & Meditation
  • Spiritual Growth

+ You manage your membership





Soul Navigation 11.11


Ultimate UPgrade!!!! What’s included in Your Membership?

EVERYTHING listed in the 6.0 membership!

+ Access to Monthly Soul Navigation Exclusive LIVE Masterclasses exploring a new Soul Theme, Guided Meditation & Energy Activation for that month! (value $44 / class)

+ MP3 Recording each Masterclass You Attend!

+ Live Q & A during the Masterclass! Have your personal questions answered by our Soul Navigation Experts! (value $100 / month)

+ Soulful Business Content to help you accelerate your purpose, business, work, creative expression in the world & entrepreneurial life! New content uploaded monthly. Bring your work & purpose into soul alignment! (value $800 / month)





Hear from others who have been on the Soul Navigation Journey…..

Gosh Tara! You’ve helped me so much and in so many ways. Our first session brought me to tears because it was like innate truth was pouring out that I knew I had in me, and then you knew things that I hadn’t shared with you, which was so amazing. You opened my eyes and heart to forgive myself on many levels, to forgive others, and to align myself with source. With your guidance, wisdom and inner knowing, I’ve been able to tap into my intuition deeper and remember who I am and who I am supposed to be. We are spiritual beings living in the human form. You’ve taught me to trust myself, love deeper, understand more, and learn gently. Since I’ve known you, our friendship has grown, which has been such a joy!
I’ve also gotten sober and my life just keeps filling up with so many lovely experiences. You’ve helped me through break ups, family struggles, past hardships, difficult choices, loss of jobs, the celebration of new beginnings, and most of all, helped me stay grounded while dreaming and living big with laughter, and knowing that I’m meant to give and love….so I must love myself. 
Now I have tools to help me deal with life. I meditate and still listen to audio tapes from sessions in the past. I am way more happy and at peace with myself and enjoy life so fully. When I am down or struggling, I write and pray and meditate, using the tools from our sessions and classes. You are a goddess of a woman and I am so blessed to have you in my life! Thank you for all that you are! 
Jess Harper

Dance Choreographer, LA

You have assisted me big-time by bringing to light my blind spots – the things that are holding me back that I have had a hard time being aware or objective about. There have been 2 big key issues in my life that you have so lovingly pointed out to me that has made a big difference in me being able to be conscious of my old patterns and as a result of knowing that, I have been able to deal with those things much more quickly. Thank you my beautiful soul sister!!

To stay aligned connected and happy, I meditate every morning, I watch spiritual videos on Youtube at least a few times per week, I participate in Tara’s weekly ladies channelling circle, I surround myself with positive and awake people as often as possible and I make sure that I am choosing the experiences I love and spending my time doing things that are aligned with my heart.

Andrea Mullen

You introduced me to the greater energy that is and with the highest possibilities of light and life and connection. That introduction gave me a brand new hope for the level of connection I could create. Engaging in relationship coaching, deep healing sessions with you, the youth Empowerment program, Reiki mastery training and life coach certification were all stepping stones on my journey to unearthing the deep rooted stories of why I wasn’t waking up happy, why I experienced severe body image and depressions. Being able to recognize that I held a story on a deep level of being unlovable and not enough allowed me to start bolstering new thought patterns and belief systems that have taken over so many pieces of my life! My evolution has turned me into a highly compassionate, aware and connected person. I feel connected to where and how my happiness is best created and I know what direction to go in if I find myself falling outside the happy ‘sweet ‘ spot for a little while. 

Reba Campbell

Spiritual Life Coach

Tara, you’ve helped me realize that I am exactly where I need to be and supported by the universe and energy around. I was so sensitive to other people and their energy that I had closed my heart chakra – which you helped to open. Now knowing how to expand my energy so others couldn’t affect mine, filling up with self love and self worth so that no one around me (including my husband) could give those things to me or take them away, feeling happy and proud of who I am, trusting that I am on the right path, and getting connected to my body. Knowing that I have so much support around me that no matter what life has in store, I can learn from it, be accountable for it and get thru it!

I was always spiritual, believing in karma and the universe, but I didn’t know how to access more than that. I would try to put things out there but my energy was easily affected by others. I was very judgemental of everyone (including myself). I was positive but often not completely happy. After meeting you I feel light, happy and authentic. You have given me the gift of trust – trusting myself that I am enough, trusting the universe that I am on the right path and trusting I am never alone – my higher self and my guides are always here to support…as well as a quick 30 minute check in with you ;P I feel confident and comfortable in my skin. I feel emotionally stronger than I ever have and feel completely confident in showing the world who I am; without walls or fear. You’ve helped to remove my fear of life, fear of not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough…since we’ve met you’ve given me the gift of truly believing I have everything I need inside me or the universe will bring what I need to me when I need it. Trust and fear were definitely the biggest shifts!

Rachel Russo

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